Biyomak Machine Research and Development Ind. Comm. Ltd. Com. was established in 2014 with the project support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The project consists of research and development on increasing the ease of use in machinery and equipment used in cattle breeding. We continue to work on new generation travail and cattle care machines.

We provide consultancy on the development of load and motion systems, production processes and technical drawings, as well as traversing and cattle care machines. Working with vibration measurement of machines and analysis of vibration values.

For the first time in Turkey, we provide technical information about the surfaces by examining the roughness values of the machined surfaces. We also provide detailed information about machining machines by evaluating roughness and vibration values together. We are constantly expanding our technical perspective in order to offer better, faster and more permanent solutions.

Our research and development processes continue in many fields in our country. We have designed lifting – conveying equipment, automatic machines, air cleaning device (biyofan). Finally, we are focused on equipment that will add strength to our buildings, which are easily assembled due to earthquakes, and our test phase continues.